Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, a brief book review, and a fun link!

It's Mothers Day 2014.  Luckily I'm still lolly-gagging in bed after having enjoyed a yummy breakfast complete with eggs, toast, grapefruit, coffee, and the sound of the smoke detector .  (I happily stayed put and let hubby explain it to the firemen.)  My adorable fourth child, who is the inspiration for the image choice above, is cuddled up with me taking a nap.

I'm hoping to round up the troops for a bike ride this afternoon but I may just milk this Mothers Day for all it's worth and stay in bed a bit longer.  I'm reading an enchanting and well written book entitled The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells about a 32 year old woman in 1985 who, after losing her twin brother to AIDS and breaking up with her boyfriend of 10 years, slips into a deep depression.   (Sounds like a downer doesn't it?  It's not!)  Her treatment takes her on a time travel journey in which she lives her life as a 1918 housewife and a 1941 wife and mother.  The time periods (1918 right after WWI and 1941 when WWII begins) in which she travels lets the 1985 Greta see herself shaped by the world around her.  Very thought provoking!

Just for fun I found this-  "True Cost of Being a Mom" by Nivene Judeh.

I love that Nivene included diamonds under the cost of living heading!  Go check out the whole article using the link above.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!



  1. You should have snapped a family photo with the Fireman. ha. I love these little anecdotes about you and your family. So cute. Glad you had a great day. : )

    1. Thanks, Averyl! I was worried I was nattering on to much.

  2. Hope you had a good Mother's Day, Sarah! I did, too. Got to spend some time with my daughter and my 4 adorable grandchildren.

    Your description of that book made me pause. I have a friend who lost her twin brother to Aids in the early 90's. She went through a divorce around that time, also.

    Anyway, I love the diamond bit, too! haha

    1. Aileen, the book made me pause as well. I was a teenager in the 80's and remember that Aids was very scary and there was a lot of fear in and of the gay community. This book brought it all back. I'm so glad that things are different now and Aids is no longer a death sentence. I bet it's still no picnic though.

      Glad you had a nice Mother's Day with your family!