Monday, June 23, 2014

My Menu Plan for the week of June 23

I usually don't make a formal menu plan, opting to wing it when I go to the grocery store (which works surprisingly well), but after posting about Mrs. Greene's menu planning I've had a hankering to put something on paper.  Also my kids are out of school (YAY!!) and I need to make real lunches as well as real dinners.  Hopefully my menu plans will add more variety to our meals.

So here's my week:

Lunch- Chicken salad sandwiches (Made from Thursday night's chicken.) , cut carrots, peppers, and celery
Dinner- Leftover steak (From Sunday nights steak.)'s green salad, fruit

Lunch- Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, cut veggies
Dinner- Beef and Noodle Medley, green salad or cooked carrots

Lunch- Chicken noodle soup (Homemade today, Monday, from Thursday's chicken bones.), cut veggies
Dinner- Breakfast burritos, fruit salad

Lunch- Leftovers or PB&J, hopefully watermelon (It's a little too early and I haven't gotten a good one yet this summer!  The produce guy at my store said they'd get some by Thursday.)
Dinner- Make your own pizza (I'll start the dough in my bread machine in the afternoon.)

Lunch-Leftover pizza
Dinner- Chicken Marengo, rice, green salad

Lunch- sandwiches or leftovers
Dinner- Go out

Lunch- We usually eat a late breakfast and just have fruit, yogurt, or cheese and crackers on Sundays
Dinner- Looking for a recipe to try for the blog!

What are you making this week?  Feel free to share in the comments!


Upadte:  A reader from Facebook, Stacy, jokingly asked what are the "joys"of menu planning, as in the Facebook description of this post.

For me the biggest joy is not having to think about what to make for dinner or lunch for an entire week.  Second is when one of my family members whines, "What's for dinner…" I point them to the calendar.  There is sometimes more whining but I pretend I don't hear it.  I'm too busy cooking.  ;)  Another benefit of menu planning is getting the grocery shopping done in one fell swoop.  Once I write out the menu I make a shopping list and I'm good to go.  I also feel that our meals are more nutritionally balanced when I plan them ahead of time.  It's easy to see when we're eating too much of one thing when it's all on paper.

Stacy, and others who were wondering, this is why I like to plan menus.  It takes work but it's so worth it!  I hope this encourages you to try it if you haven't already.  :)

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  1. What a tasty, lovely menu you've got going on this week. We haven't even attempted a watermelon yet here this year, so I hear you loud and clear there. Hopefully we'll both get some good ones soon! They're one of the few summertimes fruits that aren't widely grown in our area, so we have to wait for them to arrive from the States or elsewhere. We'll soon be up to our eyeballs in cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, pears and a bit later, apples, though, so it's not like we're lacking in the produce department! :)

    Have an awesome start of summer, dear lady!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. The stone fruits have all come in sweet and yummy as ever, despite the wacky weather this year. I should know better than to try watermelon before July 4th. My mother was from the South and their "houseboy" Ben wouldn't allow his wife, who also worked for my grandparents, to buy a watermelon before July 4th. It was a rule he learned as a kid and passed it on to my mom and her family I guess. My grandmother took Ben's advice to heart even after his death.