Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vintage kitchens

 I wanted to share some pictures of vintage kitchens I found in local real estate listings.  Sometimes when I'm at an estate sale I can picture a fictional lady of the house fixing breakfast for her family or cleaning up after dinner.  (Weird?  Well I call it imagination.  HAAAAA!)  I also notice the kitchen's layout and storage.  It's not usually not ideal by today's standards but somehow it worked.  A lot of vintage kitchens have double ovens, even if space was tight.  The ovens aren't huge European models- just basic Sears models or another solid old American made brand- but they were clearly a necessity in the age before the microwave.  I know some people don't use microwaves due to safety concerns but at least today it's an option.  I can't imagine having what we call "leftover buffet" without being to heat up food in the micro.  That's one of the reasons I love leftover buffet night- less cooking time and no pots to wash.

Onto the kitchens!  Here's a double oven.  See how narrow it is?  Probably 36 inches.  I love how there's room between the burners so the pots aren't crowded.  The little cabinet to the right is typical of what I see in vintage kitchens around here.  In my old house the kitchen was redone a few times before we bought it but I could tell from other homes on my street (with less updated kitchens) that mine probably had this type of cabinet.  Much more functional than what was build to replace it.

This kitchen seems to have the original cabinets in which the fronts have been painted blue as an accent.  I love the natural light from the big window and the back door.  A back door coming right into the kitchen looks convenient for taking out the trash or bringing in groceries but in reality it would mean snowy boots, backpacks, coats, and doggy paw prints strewn in front of the sink for me.  Ha ha.

This is my favorite!  There was an estate sale at this one and I'm so bummed I missed it.  I think we were all sick that weekend.  The whole house was beautiful in the real estate listing photos.  It needs updating but the character shines thru the old decorating.  It's a landmark home so the integrity will be kept but I bet we can say bye bye to the kitchen.  The stove looks awesome.  Much larger than the typical vintage range.

This is the same kitchen from a different angle.  See the doorway in the back?  Looks like it's the old service porch that was enclosed and now houses the refrigerator.  Not the most convenient but quaint nonetheless.  It may serve as a mudroom too.  (I say keep the paw prints and kid accouterments contained if you can.)   Love the long counter in the back and the cute floral wallpaper.  You may have to click on the image to really see the details.

 This kitchen has been updated a bit but the cabinets seem to be original.  The open lines in the wood in front of the sink show that these are old wood cabinets.  Does anyone know if the open lines are decorative or functional?  I think they're to circulate air under the sink if you have dish towels hanging to dry inside but they may just be the style.  The range is obviously newer but it appears to be free standing, another very vintage kitchen trait.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.  I'll be back to posting recipes soon.  Between school and soccer season I've been just making basic dinners- nothing exciting to post.  But I'll be back!


Edited to add- I found another kitchen.  Well just a picture of the stove in an estate sale listing.  Pretty cool!!


  1. Sarah, I love these vintage photos! Thank you for posting and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you posted more. :) I love looking at the old kitchens. I didn't realize double ovens were common. I sure could use an extra oven myself.

    Back in '65 when I was a child we lived with my German grandmother for a year in Germany (my mom was German) while my dad was deployed to Vietnam. My Omi had a modest and very small apartment but I'll never forget it. She had the old-fashioned stove that used coal and wood to fire up. And she could cook up some pretty delicious dishes!

    1. Aileen, I'll keep my eyes open for more vintage kitchen pictures. They're getting hard to find.

      The double ovens may be an American thing. I see them a lot in my vintage magazines. They're always American made too.

      Your year with your Omi sounds lovely!


  2. You're fortunate to live in an era with so many vintage homes still, let alone ones that have retained some/a lot of their old school decor. I'd be glued to the real estate ads here, too, if we were as fortunate (daydreaming all the while about moving into such a vintage abode :)).

    Big hugs & tons of happy Friday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica, the vintage kitchens are getting harder to find. I go to the open houses when I can but the estate sales are sometimes better because everything is left the way it was- like a time capsule- not staged for sale.

      Thanks for stopping by!