Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A few pics of a new house on the market. It's SWANK-Y!!

Hi!  Some of you really liked the vintage kitchen post I did a few weeks ago so when I saw this local real estate listing I knew I had to share the pics!  The home was a custom built mid century modern home.  While this isn't my favorite vintage home style I loved this home's spacious rooms and abundance of natural light.  It was built in 1957.  

So let the swankiness begin!

This is the basement kitchen.  Yep these partiers had what appears to be a full kitchen.  And it's even  fuller than with a built in Rat Pack bar.

 A close up of the Rat Pack bar.

Here is the main kitchen.  Looks like it may have been painted white in the 80's.  Notice the sliding cabinet door on the bottom right.  Also the shuttered upper cabinets.  Really nice size kitchen for the age of the home.  I also love the back door.  Kitchens should always have a back door in my opinion.  Good for kids, dogs, and trash.

This home also had pretty cool bathrooms.  Love the toilet paper nook under the window.  (At least that's what I assume it's for.  Maybe feminine supplies in a cute box.  Any ideas?)  I love how there are closed shelves in front of the sinks in addition to the medicine cabinets.  My bathroom, while beautiful, has very little storage.  The family who did the remodel must have been minimalists.

Another bathroom.  The tile was replaced but the cabinet is similar to the other bathroom.  The sink, counter, and tub may be a very light blue.  Maybe the black tile isn't so bad in person…

Here's another picture of the basement.

I love this green sofa.  The peach walls not so much.

I hope you like!  :)



  1. I like these photos! The basement party kitchen looks way swankier than the regular main floor kitchen. I like white kitchens but my husband says the show the dirt too easily. Not sure about the nook in the bathroom? Never seen anything like that before.

    1. I thought the same thing about the basement kitchen being better, in a swanky sense. Looks to me like the main kitchen was updated in the 80's. Everything became so sterile back then. I agree with your husband about the dirt showing. My old house had black and white kitchen floors which I loved but everything showed up on them.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. My grandmother had a full basement kitchen with a chrome dinette set. : )

  3. What a beautiful pair of kitchens! We've been in the market for several months now—if this house is on at least an acre, we'd be all over it. My grandmother, too, had a full kitchen in her basement, but it was inside Grandpa's tiki bar. :) We spent many, many happy hours in that basement!

    (Wandered over from Modern Retro Woman; nice to 'meet' you.)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Jen! Your grandparents sound "swell"! Or is it "groovy"? ;) I bet it was fun visiting them.