Thursday, August 27, 2015

Make your own mixes!!

Hey there, friends!  With soccer season upon us (and my girls' ongoing theatrical studies!) I'm all about easy but REAL food.  My crockpot has been getting a workout as has my freezer.  To make it even simpler I thought I'd take some of our favorite recipes and turn them into mixes.

So here's what I did this morning:

See the mess on the counter?  This only happens once- when I make the mixes!  Another benefit of  using mixes.
For each recipe I measured out the dry ingredients and wrote what I'll need to add on the bag along with minimal instructions.  Here's a close up of each of the bags:

Still using Christmas bags!  Ho ho ho...

That's 4 White breads, 3 Banana breads, and 3 pancake batches.

The white bread is the Julia Child recipe I posted a few weeks ago.  Click on the link above.

Here's the banana bread recipe.  I've made it since my youngest was a baby.  It's from one of those community cookbooks in which cooks share their favorite recipes.  I've never met this "Barri Colman" but she rocks!  Thank you, Barri, wherever you are.  :)

The pancake recipe is from The King Arthur Flour Cookbook.  If you're looking for from-scratch recipes this would be a great addition to your cookbook collection!  

Note:  I halved the recipe and don't add the malted milk powder or vanilla.

Making your own mixes is really easy and saves time in the kitchen both in the cooking process and clean up.  You can do the same with your favorite recipes.  It took me less than 30 minutes, even with 2 little four-legged stinkers getting into mischief.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Feel free to share your recipes too.  I'd love it!!



  1. This is a great idea for families! And I haven't made banana bread in ages but your recipe looks similar to mine. I'm going to have to make it again soon. :)

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    2. They say necessity is the mother of invention- not that I really invented this concept but I really needed a shortcut to keep making healthy meals from scratch. Another thing I do regarding the banana bread is freezing over ripe bananas if I'm too busy to bake. The banana bread tastes great and I don't waste food.

      Thanks for stopping by, Aileen!

  2. Just stopping by. Hope all is well!

  3. Hi Sarah! Miss your blog! ;)


    1. Hi, Aileen. Yes. I need to get my mojo back! Sorry I'm just seeing your note now. (It's December...) I look for some recipes after the new year.