Sunday, December 29, 2013

Where have I been?

Hey there.   I haven't abandoned my fledgling blog.  I've just been busy with my kids being home from school, holiday fun, getting my house organized, and making emergency trips to Target.  (I'm a suburban mom.  It's what we do.) Also hubby is off for these two weeks so we've been trying to slow down and spend time together, which can be a challenge at this time in our lives.  He still has work in the back of his mind and I'm still keeping up with my job- the hubby, house, and kids.  Sometimes it's just a walk with the dog but I love it.  Last night we saw American Hustle.  We both really liked it and if you're into Disco era fashion it's a must see.  The story kept my interest which is pretty great considering gangster con artist films aren't my favorite genre and I had a nice glass of wine at dinner.

I'm working on a recipe now.  Literally.  It's on the stove.  We'll see how it turns out.  I have concerns.  (Hubby's suggestion was to make sure it has enough flavor.  Gee thanks, babe.)

I've been thru almost all of Mrs. Katz Cohn's December magazines and it just dawned on me that the reason I'm having trouble finding a test recipe is because I'm looking for family meals.  The December magazines are all about parties and treats.  Nothing against party food, decadent Jello, franks and beans for a crowd or five thousand ways to make different cookies from the same basic dough but there is so much chocolate in my house right now I'm in danger of OD-ing on it as it is.  (I seriously couldn't sleep the other night after my 15 year old and I had a Rodeo Girls marathon complete with equally trashy snacks.  And lest I insult those reality show devotees out there- this one really isn't bad.  For reality tv.)  I found a couple of contenders so I'll be posting a recipe soon.   How do we feel about homemade salad dressing?   Hmmmm...  I may have to find out!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays!



  1. Homemade salad dressing always trumps the stuff in a bottle that usually has sugar! OK, I'll leave my lectures for my blog, ha. I'd like to see American Hustle for the reasons you mentioned, but I will wait 'til it comes out on DVD. Looking forward to your blog in 2014! : )

    1. Averyl, the irony is that the vintage salad dressing recipe's first ingredient is 3tablespoons of sugar!

      Thanks for commenting. :)